Another day started with … laundry! Again, with only one pair of leggings and the weather a little cooler, it’s all I’m wearing. I put my shorts on to wear while doing the laundry, but Barb loaned me a pair of pants and a big blue wooly jumper. I’m going to call my sweaters “jumpers” from now on. I like the sound of it better.

I’ve given up on my hair. Curly and frizzy it is. I blew up my travel hair dryer; one of these days I’m going to catch my hair on fire. I’ve blown up a lot of hair dryers and curling irons travelling πŸ™„

Linda, Barb and I went on a road trip to Phillip Island. After my last post, Linda brought me a bag of gummy SNAKES, not worms. So yummy!!

We travelled to the Bunurong Coast, Cape Paterson, Phillip Island Nature Park, The Nobbies and watched the Penguin Parade.

The Penguin Parade happens each evening at Phillip Island. “Little Penguins” return to their burrows at sunset and viewing areas are available. There’s been a lot of conservation work done on Phillip Island. Little Penguins are the smallest species of penguins and are found in Southern Australia and New Zealand. They are a lot smaller than the Penguins we saw in Antarctica. But … so cute as they shuffled up the beach. No photos or videos of the Penguin Parade period. It’s frustrating when people still take them.

A fabulous day with fabulous friends. I’m at Linda’s house now and it was sad to say goodbye to Barb last night. Your turn to come to Canada and visit me!!

Happy Travels πŸ’•
🌏 🍷 πŸ‘ 


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  1. Your adventures sure look beautiful love !! Glad you have the time to visit your friends 😘

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