I had a fabulous day!! I took the train from Linda’s house to Melbourne City. The first thing I did was get a Starbucks and it was good! The barista asked me if I was from Canada and said he recognized my Visa card. He lived in Montreal for a while.

A bucket list item for me has always been to see the Terracotta Soldiers in Xi’an, China. The National Gallery of Victoria has an exhibition “Terracotta Warriors Guardians of Immortality”.

One of the greatest archaeological finds of the twentieth century, the terracotta warriors are often described as the eighth wonder of the world.

From the Qin dynasty (221 – 207 BCE), the exhibition presents eight terracotta warriors alongside two full-sized horses and two replica bronze chariots.

I NEVER expected to be able to see 8 Terracotta Warriors here in Melbourne. Someday I will still travel to Xi’an to see more, but this was so special to me today.

Unarmoured General

Armoured Military Officer

Unarmoured Infantryman

Standing Archer

Kneeling Archer

Civil Official

Armoured Military Officer

Armoured General

Chariot Horses

Chariot Replicas ~ Only 2 of these have been found and the originals do not leave China ~ these replicas were amazing.

Mythical Creatures

There were so many beautiful tapestry things in the gift store. I was strong and didn’t buy the tapestry pillow cover.

The Waterfall at the National Gallery is very cool! I’m touching the wall of water here.

I walked away from the gallery on cloud 9 ❤️

I stopped in Chloe’s Bar for lunch and to view the painting of Chloe.

Chloé is a 260 by 139 cm oil canvas painting of a young Parisian girl by French figure painter Jules Joseph Lefebvre, made in 1875. The painting is located in the upstairs bar of the Young and Jackson Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, where it has been since 1909. She is known as the “Melbourne Icon” and is the mascot of HMAS Melbourne.

There are many alleys or lanes in Melbourne.

AC/DC Lane rocked!

Hoosier Lane is a street that is covered in graffiti and is world famous.

There’s a Collins Street!

Donna, I would have gotten you one, but my backpack would be overweight! 😂

Need to pee? These underground bathrooms were so clean!

The Royal Arcade is a historic shopping arcade in the central business district of Melbourne, Victoria. Opened in 1870, it is the oldest surviving arcade in Australia, known for its elegant light-filled interior, and the large carved mythic figures of Gog and Magog flanking the southern entry.

More Melbourne …

Melbourne was fantastic!

I took the train home and Linda cooked a roast and made Yorkshire Puddings (my favourite) plus there was a bottle or two of white involved 🤗

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠


4 Replies to “Terracotta Soldiers, AC/DC & Yorkshire Pudding”

  1. Wow, you had a busy day. Melbourne is an interesting city. Glad you liked the terracotta warriors. We have great exhibitions at the galleries. Enjoy Hobart, another enchanting city. Stay warm. It is rather chilly where i am, but worth every second to see bright stars and breathe polution free air. Keep enjoying your travels.

  2. So pleased you enjoyed your day in our great city of Melbourne … of course I am biased. You were also lucky to have a cloudless sunny sky for a winters day. You must of clocked up many kms seeing the sights of our city. And to tick off a ‘bucket list’ item in Melbourne – the Terracotta Warriors. You’ve seen them before me! It’s been a pleasure to have you stay at my home. Nothing like a roast! One member of our household going to really miss you …. furkid Harvey. At least you will wear some of his ginger hair on the remainder of your travels. Travel safe.

    1. Loves it here! Still can’t believe I saw some of the Terracotta Warriors.
      The roast was fabulous! Lots of time in the morning for me to spoil Harvey 😊
      Thank you so much for having me. You and Barb need to come to Canada to visit! My home is always open.

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