I said goodbye to Linda, Harvey and Lizzie this morning. We took a fabulous walk on the beach. Stunning area!

These are known as Bathing Boxes. Owned by locals their starting price is 300k. They have no power and you can’t sleep all night in them.

I’ve had the best time with Barb and Linda these last few days. It was such a pleasure to see them again and see their corner of the world. Ladies, come visit me and I will show you Alberta! Thank you so much for everything xoxo.

I travelled to Tasmania, aka Tassie with Virgin Airlines.

My gate was 3 and I went through security, bought a Diet Coke for $4.50 and settled in. At the last minute the gate was changed to 12. I had to go back out and through a different security checkpoint. I whined a little bit and they let me through with my Diet Coke. I love them 💕

The guy sitting next to me on the plane is from The Isle of Skye. His Mom is Canadian. What a small world.

All I know about Tasmania is the Tasmanian Devil and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark are from here. I’ll know more this time tomorrow!

The view from the sky was gorgeous. Here’s a pic landing in Hobart.

I’m at The Pickled Frog tonight. Dinner was a chicken parmi and a glass of wine with a fellow roomie, Maura, originally from Brisbane. So interesting chatting with fellow travellers and hearing their stories.

That’s all for today folks! I’m off to bed. Travelling is tiring.

Happy Travels 💕
🌏 🍷 👠


4 Replies to “Bathing Boxes, Security Guards & Tassie”

  1. Aaaah …. Lizzie & Harvey are part of your adventure! So pleased you enjoyed your time, especially yesterday seeing my local beaches and our drive around the bay. I always pinch myself and say ‘how lucky am I to live near water’. Your digs in ‘Tassie’ looks great. Enjoy exploring today. Pleasure for you to stay at my home.
    P.S. when we came home Harvey went straight to your room to see where you were!!!

    1. So lucky to live near the water. That is my retirement plan for sure. I have to be by the water and be able to see Mountains.
      Thank you so much for having me. Miss you and Barb and all the fur kids already!!

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