First of all, I am biased.  As a Newfoundlander, the East Coast of Canada is paradise.  The West Coast of Canada is a very close second.  Vancouver Island has one of the warmest climates in Canada and the island itself is approximately 486 km by 100 km.  Easily accessible by air or by ferry, Vancouver Island is the perfect destination for just about anything you’re planning.

Have you been?  The ocean, wildlife, hiking, diving, the list is endless.  There is something for everyone.

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A Girl’s Trip

We’ve been friends forever, some of us since grade 3.  We’re family now.  Every now and then we have a GIRL’S TRIP.  All the females in the world know what that really means ~ food, wine and a lot of laughs!

We rented a fabulous house on Vancouver Island overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  It was breathtaking, secluded and just right for the 7 of us.

Link To The House!


Once we decided upon the dates and location, A LOT of planning went on via What’s App.  What are we drinking?  What are we eating?  Who’s cooking?  I may have had a spreadsheet.  The end result:

We all arrived from different directions and the good times were upon us.

The House

What a view!  Pure bliss.



The Food

And we cooked and cooked!  I missed some pictures, but we had more than enough food for all of us.  All the meals were delicious.

The Walks Through the Park

We ventured out a couple times.  The house was very secluded beside a park with a number of trails.


The Sunrises and Sunsets

I could go to sleep and wake up looking at this every day for the rest of my life.


The Girls (Nancy, Nadine, Dawn, Kim, Sheri, Debbie & Jackie)

Kudos to Nadine for her patience setting up and taking group pictures of us!




Happy Travels


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