Dublin is the capital of Ireland, our first Irish stop and this wine lover discovered a liking for Guinness.  Sláinte  

Clontarf Castle Hotel

Dublin’s Leading Castle Hotel
Celebrate, chill out, or relish in a little of both. The Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin, Ireland is a perfect blend of a boutique and luxury hotel, providing unique style and exceptional service in comfortable surroundings. This unique luxury hotel in Dublin is well thought out from the guests’ point of view by providing a modern aesthetic built around an ancient form. Clontarf Castle dates back to 1172.
Clontarf Castle Website

There’s just something about a gal sleeping in a castle!

Inside was spectacular, very purple and cozy!

The room was fabulous ~ I took these door signs because I often feel peckish and wish I was always off gallavanting.

We ate well and definitely could have shared everything we ordered.

The entrance to the castle.

Temple Bar

If you’re looking for excellent service, fabulous company and a lot of drinks, check out The Temple Bar.  We had the best time here!  For the Harley fans, the Harley Davidson shop is a couple blocks away.


Whelan’s Bar

Remember P.S. I Love You?  This is the bar from the movie where Gerry was singing.

First established in 1772 as Kevin’s Port, this bar has many spaces ~ Parlour Bar, Upstairs, Front Bar, Main Venue and features live music.


We saw the 25th Anniversary Show of Riverdance.  It wasn’t Michael Flatley’s show, but it was absolutely amazing.  I love Irish dance and music. One of the dancers was a young girl from Edmonton, Olivia.

We had VIP tickets and got to watch a rehearsal ahead of time.

Out and About in Dublin

Laundry had to be done and we found Tubs and Suds and learned that the gas stations have outside lauderettes!  We stuck with Tubs and Suds.

The best meal was at Guinness ~ Beef & Guinness Stew.  The best!

Happy Travels


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