There is a little strip of land between Ukraine and Moldova called Transnistria that is often referred to as “the country that doesn’t exist”.  Welcome to the country of Transnistria and it’s capital city, Tiraspol.


I took a bus from Chisinau, Moldova to Tiraspol, Transnistria and had a 10-hour visa for my visit.  I had to depart by 20:16.  Always cool seeing my name in other languages and alphabets!

I love that they had an “I Love Tiraspol” sign!


Kirov Park

The Memorial of Glory commemorates the veterans and the dead of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet-Afghan War and the Transnistria War.

A boat ride along the Dniester River was fantastic!

The Presidential Palace is the home of the Transnistria President and has a statue of Lenin at the front.


This gentleman along the bank is what I remember most!  He was dancing on the shore to the music blaring from the boat.  He has some moves and the best attitude!


Museum of Local History

Wandering Around … there is a lot of old Soviet architecture with the large, concrete buildings.

I made it back to the bus station within my 10-hour visa limit and headed back to Moldova.  Here are the receipts for the bus travel and the Moldovan money I had left over.

Happy Travels!


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